Maggie’s Stories



I haven’t updated the blog since August, because I have been really busy since Maggie was born in mid August.

The first few days, it was easier than I thought. But after we came back home from the hospital, it was a lot harder than I expected. Sleeping hasn’t been too bad. Most nights, we only need to feed her once during the night. But raising the first child is always stressful I guess, because you don’t know what’s expected. I remember when Maggie cried really badly for no reason for the first time, I was quite worried that if she was sick or something wrong with her. But that’s what babies do, so a little bit more than 4 months in, I think it is much easier now.
Maggie's first dayAlmost one month old

A bit more than two months old

Maggie started to smile

Maggie is 3 months old

She really like the fan I am holding

First hair cut, I did it ;-)


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