Documentary: Four Horsemen

Watched the documentary Four Horsemen last night, a very good documentary about monetary system and the problems it creates. Actually, I have discussed this topic with some independent software developers in China. The current monetary system is a tool which the rich and powerful can use it to rob the society legally through inflation. Inflation is not because wealth being created, it is because there are more and more money being created from nothing, and the purchase power of money depreciates. So, borrowing money seems to be only way to get ahead in this insane game, and the only way most people can borrow money is mortgage. This is something I had learned years ago.

The interesting thing of this film is that it actually suggests a pack of solutions. And the idea of tax on resource instead of labour is very a interesting point. I remembered I watch a Michael Moore film said the personal income tax in U.S. is unconstitutional. The governments around the world always tell people income tax can reduce the gap between rich and poor. But today, the rich do not pay much income tax anyway. The income tax source is actually the middle class workers. I think if the tax system could tax on the capital and the resource, it might create a much more equal society as well as inspire people to do more productive and creative things.

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