Gold Coast Trip

We landed at Gold Coast Airport in mid-day 2nd August for a long weekend holiday. This was the first time I rented a car at the airport. Turned out the car was not at the airport and the rental company staff picked us up and took us to their office. Everything was sorted out fairly easily. That afternoon we went  to the tropical fruit world, which is actually in NSW.

The second day we drove to the Springbrook national park to see the Natural Bridge. We stopped at Advancetown Lake, which was very peaceful. Then it started to rain. After lunch, we stopped in the valley, and headed to Best of All Outlook. But it was so foggy that we could not even see things few meters away. So we headed back to the coast, and watch sunset at Burleigh Head National Park. The view was amazing but we didn’t have enough time to explore the park thoroughly.

The last day of the trip, my wife suggested to go to Dreamworld, which she had never been to before. I had been to Dreamworld many years ago, but it was a bit surprise to me that there were many new games and attractions there since my last visit. And my wife hugged a koala, which we can’t do in NSW. We spent quite sometime playing laser tag there. That night we flew back to Sydney and then we both got really bad flu for a week. But still, it was a very fun trip.


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