How Many Websites Are Using Google Analytics Or Adobe Omniture?

I guess this is a common question in the minds of people who work in web analytics. NerdyData is a website can give us a peek into the answer. It can search Javascript code snippet on websites, which means if we search for code unique enough to identify the web analytics solution, we can see how many websites are running with Google Analytics code snippet or Adobe Omniture code snippet. So I did that, and found a very interesting answer.

16,641,486 websites loads Google Analytics code library which means they are using Google Analytics according to this search result: https://search.nerdydata.com/search/#!/searchTerm=google-analytics.com/ga.js/searchPage=1/sort=pop

And 265,995 websites has s.pageName on the web pages which indicates they are using Omniture SiteCatalyst according to this search result: https://search.nerdydata.com/search/#!/searchTerm=s.pageName/searchPage=1/sort=pop

Considering Omniture is so expensive, it is actually quite a big number. Note that one client could have multiple websites so it is not saying that Omniture has 265,995 clients. Anyway, very interesting figures.

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  1. How did you gathered that data ? have you scraped all websites around the globe ? how ?

  2. The number itself is useless info, those who use Adobe are large eCommerce and enterprises. Those who use GA…well, anyone with a webpage on the internet cuz it’s free. You cannot put an enterprise level tool with a free tool together and compare.

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