Myst of Adobe Analytics API Segment ID

A colleage is working on the Adobe Analytics (Omniture) API and try to use some segments, so I gave him this page https://marketing.adobe.com/developer/api-explorer#ReportSuite.GetSegments to find out the segment IDs he wants to use. Then we found there is very small discrapancy in the data responded by the API and the data from the web reporting interface.

First, we found that the segment ID we got is in a very different length of the segment ID I got months ago. For the same segment, the old segment ID is something like “dw:1234567” and the new one is something like “537d53drr4b0893ab30706ac”. Turns out, if you use version 1.3, the ReportSuite.GetSegments API function will return you something like the old format. And with version 1.4, it returns the new format.

And most strange thing is, if in the data API call, you put in “dw:537d53drr4b0893ab30706ac”, the API still responds with the data, no errors. But the data could have discrapancy compared to the actual reports. However, if you remove the “dw:” prefix, it will be OK. I don’t understand why Adobe would allow “dw:537d53drr4b0893ab30706ac” and even would return some data very close to the actual report but not the same as the actual report.

This is another thing I found about how terrible the Adobe APIs are.

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