Documentatory Review: The Vietnam War

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Recently I finished watching a documentary, The Vietnam War, on Netflix. This is one of the best war documentaries I have ever watched, I have to say. It covers both how the decisions were made in the governments, as well as the experience of soldiers and civilians from all sides.
It is a fairly long documentary, about 20 hours long, but the pace is very good and I don’t think it is dragging at all. It revealed a lot of details in the decision making the process of the White House, especially the Johnson Administration, which shocks me how stupid they were. Basically, Johnson, his advisors, and his generals had no clue who they were actually fighting against, and what is the goal of the war. I think the Iraq war was quite a similar process, except at the end the ISIS was defeated. At least we don’t hear any news about them threating Iraq any longer.

Personally, I think the Truman Administration had a great responsibility for the whole Korean war and the Vietnam war. If he supported the Nationalist Chinese, both wars could have been avoided. He only realised how serious the situation was after the loss of China.

Highly recommend it for anyone interested in history.

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